Nelson Mandela Alive?

The Answer to "Is Madiba Dead or Alive?"

Is Nelson Mandela still alive? No, he is no longer with us. When did Nelson Mandela die? On December 5th, 2013 (12/5/2013), Nelson Mandela left this Earth. His historic legacy of leading South Africa from the bondage of the Apartheid will be remembered always, and has changed the lives of multitudes.

The Nelson Mandela death that was reported on CNN news in 2003 was very much incorrect, but December 5th, 2013 marks his actual departure from us. He will be greatly missed by many.

Nelson Mandela turned 95 on July 18 2013. He was not a young man anymore even then, but was unable to attend his birthday concert in New York in 2009. Mandiba (Mandela) did receive treatment for prostate cancer in 2001 but he recovered well from that.

Rumors were spread about a Nelson Mandela death then, and they have spread since. Mandela retired from public life when he was 85, and has made less and less appearances.

When Nelson Mandela was alive, he enjoyed the things he loved most at his home in Qunu. He enjoyed listening to music, both classical European and African, and the company of family, friends and children, particularly his grandchildren.

Most of us prefer the thought of Nelson Mandela alive, and his works and spirit will remain in us for some time to come. Among the thousands who have met with Mandiba nearly all are impressed by the man, whether they be rich businessmen, superstars, or small children.

When the Mandiba went, at the Nelson Mandela death the world mourned for a man who gave so much and did so much for his country and for world peace. Nelson Mandela is an inspiration to mankind and well deserving of the many honors he has earned.


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