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Biography of Madiba

Nelson Mandela is an inspirational man who has been a great leader in the struggle for racial equality in South Africa. He is considered both a political activist and a revered statesman.

On this site you can find out all kinds of Nelson Mandela facts. What did Nelson Mandela do to become one of the most admired men in history? The history of Nelson Mendala and the history that surrounds his country of South Africa is a fascinating one.

Nelson Mandela for kids is often sparked off by the famous ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ song. This is a wonderful starting point that brings up lots of other questions. Who was/is he? What did Nelson Mandela do that made him so special?

Sure you can find a lot of information through Nelson Mandela wikipedia, or Nelson Mandela wiki – but it is a bit cut and dry. If you really want to know about Nelson Mandela this could be a good place to start. Read a little, watch a little and see why this man is so admired.

We don’t promise that everything you find about Mandela here will have you rocking, but it could help you see why all those superstars are dying to perform at the next Mandela Day 46664 party.

If you want to know something like ‘when did Nelson Mandela get taken off to prison’ the timeline might help. If you are looking more in-depth Nelson Mandela information dig a little deeper. What makes the man who he is? What did he really have to say that made the world listen? Why did he get imprisoned, and why did they let him out? Wanting to know and wanting to make a difference is really what Nelson Mandela is about.

Nelson Mandela was a leader unlike most. If you wish to help his legacy and what he stands for live on, you may consider donating generously to his foundation at http://www.nelsonmandela.org/content/page/donate.

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