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Nelson Mandela has written many books, but by far the most widely read is “Long Walk to Freedom”. “Long Walk to Freedom” is the autobiography of Nelson Mandela and an excellent place to start if you wish to start to understand this complex and famous man.

This Nelson Mandela autobiography is often mis-titled as ‘A Long walk to Freedom’ or ‘No easy Walk to Freedom’, not that it really matters. The autobiography of Nelson Mandela remains an excellent read. In ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ Mandela reveals much about the history of South Africa, his involvement in the African National Council (ANC) and of his 27 years imprisonment. Mandela Long Walk gives a lot of insight into the man, his beliefs, and his leadership style. Reading through Nelson Mandela Long Walk also gives one a sense of understanding as to how this man came to be the recipient of over 250 awards in his lifetime. From young boy, to political activist, to President, to Peace-maker, Mandela never wavered from his beliefs.

Once you have read Nelson Mandela Long Walk to freedom you might like to try some other Nelson Mandela books. He has written a large number of books, mostly autobiographical that go more deeply into certain periods in his life and into his political and personal beliefs. Among some of the most interesting of these are: “The Struggle is My Life”, “Hunger for Freedom”, and “I am Prepared to Die” There are also many Nelson Mandela books that are a compilation of his speeches and essays.

One of the most interesting ‘misquotes’ is the Nelson Mandela ‘our deepest fear’. If you are looking for Our Deepest Fear Mandela, you won’t find it. The Nelson Mandela fear quote, was used in his inauguration speech in 1994 and he was actually quoting a poem from a book by Marianne Williamson. A few books about Nelson Mandela use the ‘our deepest fear’ and so the misconception has continued. In choosing Deepest Fear Nelson Mandela, I believe, shows a depth of feeling and also that he is a well read man.

You can find plenty of books that are by Nelson Mandela and they all make very interesting reading. To understand about the horrors of apartheid and the struggle for freedom and peace pick up a good Nelson Mandela book today.

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